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If you are separated, it means that you are living apart from your spouse but are still legally married. Being separated means, you still have to resolve any issues with child custody, child access, support payments, debts and division of property.
The best way to have a seamless separation is to have a comprehensive separation agreement in place before you move on to the next stage of your life. A strong separation agreement ensures your rights are protected and all details of the separation are covered so you can move forward with peace of mind.

Separation Process

In Ontario, the separation process refers to the legal and practical steps taken by a married or common-law couple to live apart and end their relationship. It is always advisable to consult with a qualified family law lawyer for personalized advice based on your specific situation.


In Ontario, there is no formal legal process or requirement for separation. Couples can separate simply by deciding to live apart and communicate this intention to each other. However, it is often recommended to have a written separation agreement in place to establish the terms and conditions of the separation, including matters such as child custody and access, spousal support, division of assets, and debts. A separation agreement is a legally binding contract and can help minimize conflicts and uncertainties.


While it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer for the separation process, it is generally advisable to consult with a family law lawyer, especially if you and your spouse have complex issues to resolve or if there are disagreements regarding the terms of the separation. A lawyer can provide legal advice, help negotiate and draft a separation agreement, and ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process. Additionally, if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, a lawyer can assist you with alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, or represent you in court if necessary.


Here at Korhani Law Family Law Firm which has offices in Barrie, we understand the complex world of family law. Our family lawyers have your best interests at heart and will be with you each step guiding you towards the best outcome for your situation.

Do I Need To Hire A Family Lawyer To Separate From My Spouse?


Here are a few reasons why you might consider hiring a lawyer:


  1. Legal expertise: Family law can be complex, and having a lawyer who specializes in family law can provide you with valuable legal guidance and ensure that your rights and interests are protected during the separation process.
  2. Knowledge of the law: A lawyer will have up-to-date knowledge of Ontario’s family laws and can help you understand your rights and responsibilities in relation to issues such as child custody, access, child support, spousal support, and property division.
  3. Objective advice: Going through a separation can be emotionally challenging, and having a lawyer can provide you with objective advice and support. They can help you make informed decisions based on legal considerations rather than solely emotional ones.
  4. Negotiation and representation: If there are disagreements or conflicts with your spouse regarding the terms of separation, a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and work toward a fair resolution. If necessary, they can also represent you in court proceedings to protect your rights and advocate for your interests.
  5. Drafting a separation agreement: A separation agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of your separation. A lawyer can help you draft a comprehensive and enforceable agreement that covers all relevant aspects of your separation, including child-related matters, financial arrangements, and property division.

Remember that every situation is unique, and it’s important to assess your specific circumstances and needs. Consulting with a family law lawyer at Korhani Law can help you understand whether hiring a lawyer is necessary or beneficial in your case. We will provide personalized advice based on your situation and guide you through the separation process in accordance with Ontario’s family laws.

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