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At Korhani Law which operates offices both in Barrie Ontario, our experienced team of family lawyers understands the unique challenges faced by same-sex couples going through a divorce. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support and representation to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. With our deep knowledge of Ontario family law and our commitment to inclusivity, we strive to make the divorce process as smooth and fair as possible for all same-sex couples.

Our Approach: At Korhani Law Family Law Firm, we believe in fostering a compassionate and respectful environment for all clients. We recognize that every divorce is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and goals of same-sex couples. Our team of lawyers is well-versed in the legal intricacies surrounding same-sex divorces in Ontario, and we are committed to providing you with personalized advice and guidance every step of the way.


Services We Offer:


  1. Initial Consultation: We offer an initial consultation to understand your situation, answer any questions you may have, and provide an overview of the divorce process. This consultation allows us to gather essential information about your marriage, assets, and any children involved. We will also discuss your desired outcome and develop a strategic plan to help you achieve it.
  2. Legal Representation: Our lawyers will provide strong legal representation throughout the divorce proceedings. We will advocate for your rights and negotiate on your behalf to ensure a fair division of assets, property, and debts. If necessary, we are prepared to litigate in court to protect your interests.
  3. Child Custody and Support: If you have children, we understand the importance of resolving child custody and support matters with sensitivity and care. Our lawyers will work with you to establish a parenting plan that prioritizes the best interests of your children while protecting your parental rights. We will also assist in determining child support obligations and modifying them when necessary.
  4. Spousal Support: We recognize that spousal support can be a significant issue in divorces. Our lawyers have extensive experience in navigating the complexities of spousal support for same-sex couples. We will help you understand your rights and obligations, negotiate fair support agreements, and, if needed, litigate to ensure a just resolution.
  5. Property Division: Our team is well-versed in property division laws and will assist you in determining a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. We will work diligently to protect your financial interests and strive for a settlement that meets your needs and goals.

Confidentiality and Privacy: At Korhani Law, we uphold strict confidentiality and respect your privacy throughout the entire legal process. We understand the sensitivity surrounding divorce matters and will handle your case with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Contact Us: If you are a same-sex couple seeking legal representation for your divorce in Ontario, we are here to help. Contact Korhani Law today to schedule an initial consultation. Call our Barrie office at  705-230-2550.

Our dedicated team of family law lawyers is committed to guiding you through this challenging time and ensuring that your rights and interests are protected.

Disclaimer: Please note that this service page provides general information and does not constitute legal advice. Each divorce case is unique, and we recommend consulting with a qualified lawyer to discuss your specific situation and receive tailored legal advice.

At Korhani Law located in Barrie our family lawyers understand people get a divorce for a variety of reasons, and it’s important to note that every marriage is unique, so the specific reasons for divorce can vary greatly from one couple to another. However, some common factors that contribute to divorce include:


  1. Communication problems: Poor communication or a breakdown in communication can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, and a growing sense of distance between partners.
  2. Infidelity: Extramarital affairs can severely damage trust and emotional connection within a marriage, often leading to divorce.
  3. Incompatibility: Over time, couples may realize that they have fundamental differences in values, goals, interests, or lifestyles that make it challenging to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.
  4. Financial issues: Money-related conflicts, such as excessive debt, financial irresponsibility, or disagreements over financial decisions, can create significant stress and strain on a marriage.
  5. Emotional or physical abuse: Experiencing emotional, verbal, or physical abuse is a valid reason for seeking a divorce to protect one’s well-being and safety.
  6. Lack of intimacy or sexual compatibility: A lack of emotional or physical intimacy, including sexual dissatisfaction, can create feelings of resentment and unhappiness in a marriage.
  7. Substance abuse or addiction: Substance abuse problems, such as alcohol or drug addiction, can place a tremendous strain on a relationship and erode trust and stability.
  8. Growing apart: Sometimes, couples may find that they have drifted apart over time due to changing priorities, interests, or personal growth. The emotional connection and shared values that once held the marriage together may diminish.
  9. Unresolved conflicts: Persistent unresolved conflicts can lead to chronic dissatisfaction and resentment, making it difficult to maintain a healthy and functional marriage.
  10. External factors: External pressures such as career demands, family issues, cultural differences, or interference from in-laws or extended family members can strain a marriage and contribute to its breakdown.

It’s important to remember that divorce is a complex and deeply personal decision, and these reasons are not exhaustive. Each individual and couple have their own unique circumstances and reasons for choosing to end their marriage.

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